To start things off…

July 26th, 2008 | by obc |

If there’s one thing this world is missing, it’s people expressing their opinions through an easily accessible medium. There’s just not enough noise out there, you know? To do my part in alleviating the problem, I’m starting this blog.

The What

About page provides basic background, and I will reiterate and expand on it here: my somewhat unique set of circumstances and a multitude of missteps has given me a perspective on life that I want to share, even as I continue learning about it and making (and sometimes repeating) mistakes.  Specifically, my “qualifications” are as follows:

  • Have been giving advice for 25 years or so
  • Didn’t learn about life in USA from my parents (immigrants), so I’ve had to learn it on my own
  • Authored many “don’t do what I did” scenarios :)

So, my plan is to harvest these experiences, rinse off the specifics, and, hopefully, get little gems of universally applicable wisdom out of them. With a little nugget of an action item thrown in here and there.

The Why

Still, any thinking person can draw from his or her experience, share it with company, finish the cup of coffee and call it a night. Why put this up on the world wide web? For several reasons:

  • I have gained greatly from blogs in the last few years (especially good ones will find their way into the blogroll), and like the medium as a means of information transfer
  • It’s an easy way for me to share about life with my younger siblings, because the “conversation” is at-will – nobody’s eyes have to glaze over, as I launch into yet another very serious lecture about “what life is all about.”
  • Hopefully, a few more people out there will find this stuff useful, or, at least, thought-provoking

I’ll write more about the purpose and planned content of Older Brother Complex later on; for now, I’ve dipped my toes in the water, and it feels pretty wet.

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