I am really fast

April 29th, 2010 | by obc |

Below is my entry into the Sprint’s Blaze Across America with 4g contest. Entrants were asked to write a 150+ word essay on what they can do very fast. What I wrote is very much in the spirit of OBC:

I am really fast in offering unsolicited advice, lightning-quick in forming a critical opinion, and speedy to point out when people are wrong. In other words, I’m an older brother to 7 siblings.

For the last 25 years or so, I’ve been rushing to judgment, and making decisions on the fly. When there’s a crowd of 7 kids to be controlled, it doesn’t matter what the call is, as long as it’s made fast and enacted even faster. Fight broke out over the remote? Take it away, and pick what you want to watch. Chores being done poorly? Explain that they can do it your way, or their way and then your way. Everyone wants ice cream? Pick the best “sad puppy eyes”-looking one to lobby the parents.

Not being under the same roof any more, the power of my influence has diminished a bit. Thankfully, though, everyone’s plugged in. I can monitor Facebook profiles, send emails, call or text. School/work/relationship advice is hard to argue against, when it comes with supporting links. Approval or correction is now carried out via comments. No one is too far or too busy to get a piece of my mind.

I can only imagine how much more effective my brothering could become with HTC EVO 4G. 4G-speed, HTC’s Sense UI, front-facing camera?! Finally, I won’t have to rely on emoticons to convey my disapproval of whatever silly thing they decided to do now!

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