This quick Q&A should give you all the info you need.

Who are you?

A late-twenties, happily-married guy with a house and a couple of dogs. Also, the oldest of eight kids. Also, a first-generation immigrant. You’ll see how all of this ties in together, just keep reading.

What’s with the name?

Having been an older brother for about 25 years has given me plenty of experience. Sadly, it has also given me a complex:

  • I offer solicited and unsolicited advice without restraint, regardless of topic of discussion
  • I prepare a short speech for any family or friends get-together, whether or not one is needed
  • I start way too many conversations with “Here’s what I would do” or “The one thing you want to keep in mind is…” or any number of other phrases that sends a listener into non-REM sleep

Why blog?

With most siblings dispersed throughout area colleges, I no longer have a readily available audience to force my opinions on. Enter the blogosphere.

OK, so…

…you’re a know-it-all with tyrannical tendencies, who’s looking for an outlet. What’s the purpose of this site/blog and why should I read it?

In all seriousness (if you haven’t picked up on the self-effacing, sarcastic tone, you may need to stop reading right now), a light bulb went off one fine day, when I was thinking about the disconnect between my father and I. We grew up in two different worlds, and, even though principles and morals are universal, their practical application isn’t. Therefore, I decided to publicize my thoughts, ruminations and lessons learned about life in USA as if I was speaking to my siblings and/or my children. And if anyone else finds this useful, well, that’s just icing on the cake!